All people must know

we must know, Some things are taken or borrowed by the western nations from the Muslim civilization, namely:

1. How can I argue. (Especially philosophically): intellectual method.

2. Greek Philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, and the Neoplatonists, experimental and empirical methods.

3. University system.

4. How to count: zero, arabic numbers.

5. Algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

6. Laboratory equipment: test tubes, chemical bottles and the like.

7. Optics, the basic principles of light.

8. Hospital, surgical tools.

9. Bibliographic tools: catalogs, bibliographies, dictionaries, biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias.

10. Organization and administration of the library: the classification list.

11. Papermaking.

12. Issuance (as a mass industry) and the bookstore.

13. Hydrology: a variety of irrigation equipment.

14. How do I find directions: count direction, navigation, compass.

15. Cartography: maps of the world that is authentic.

16. Devices astronomical legal and factual basis (most have been traced).

17. Basic understanding of the human body.

18. Basic norms of medicine (Ibn Sina and Al-Razi).

19. World history (which is then used to undermine Muslim history), sociology.

20. How to become a mystic without a “crazy”.

21. Art of living gratefully.

22. Musical harmonies; guitar and other stringed instruments and techniques of playing it.

Many of the things they take and learn from the works of Muslims earlier, hopefully we do not just stay silent, it’s time we know that Muslims are rich in knowledge since the first, that the people of Islam who spearheaded a remarkable finding, before the western nations announced Their discovery that has actually been discovered by the Muslims before, for example, 500 years before Galileo, Al-Battani was discussed that the rotation of the earth rotates on its axis and al-Battani have measured the circumference of the earth.

Ibn Nafis (w.1288), the first to correctly describe blood circulation in the body, but in 1628 Harvey regarded as the inventor, see a very noticeable difference in the year.

And there are many works of Muslims who traced even distorted by the western nations.

Hopefully this time we do not just stay silent.

Sources: Islamic books for beginners, Ziauddin Sardar and Zafar Abbas Malik


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